Hello Earth! Greetings From Endeavour!

July Launch

Blast off
Fast off
Sky clear
Launch here;
Speed up
Straight up
Lights flash
Controls thrash;
A fragile link
Just here to think
This wasn't intended
Becoming extended
Stop, stop.
Stages drop
On we soar
Engines roar
Smoother ride
Vacuum outside
Horizon in view
Launch phase is through.



The writings and poetry of Astronaut and Space Walker Alfred M. Worden

Signed copies available through FarthestReaches.Com


  Breaking free
    Being born

Growing Up
  Getting wise
    Being worldly
        No surprise.

Learn to fly
  Getting wings
    Rise above
        Those earthly things.

Something special
  Comes along
    Go to moon
        As in the song.

    Out the hatch
        In light of day.

Far away
  Mother Earth
    Floats along
        Watching birth.

Cycle over
  Doing fine
    I was born
        At thirty-nine.


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